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It really is about time you upgraded to Windows 10

We are well into several updates of Microsoft's latest offering Windows 10, but how many of you have actually bothered to install any of the updates? Some of you may not even be running Windows 10 at all. By not installing the updates you are missing out on new features and more importantly the latest security updates.

Either way to get the best out of your computer there really is no excuse to not upgrade. Unfortunately, if you have not already updated you have lost the right to a free transition and will now have to pay for a license, fear not though it does not cost the earth. We can supply, install and fully set up the latest Microsoft Windows 10 Operating System with License and Activation key for the standard £50 charge.

Please note if you already have Windows 10 running on your computer you will not need to purchase a new License and Activation key as it will automatically register from your previous version. This is worth noting if you require a clean install of Windows 10 because of irrepairable faults with your existing version.

For all Windows users, i recommend a full Update, PC Refresh and Virus Check to keep things running fast and smooth as they should be. My Windows 10 service is a comprehensive fault finding, diagnostic and repair session. It is worth noting that i also still carry out a full maintenance service on Windows 7 & 8 as well as Windows 10.

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