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Virus Removal & PC Clean Up

Keeping you virus free and running like new
With the right knowledge and software you can avoid the scammers

My virus detection and removal service is a must for anyone using their computer for any kind of online banking, purchasing and so on. Most of us these days will do some kind of online banking and more than likely have a ebay, paypal, amazon or our favorite retailer account on our computers.
If you do use any of the above there is no room for poor security on your computer which could result in some kind of virus, trojan or malware being installed on your computer.

The worst case scenario is that these programmes could be stealing your personal and sensitive information and at the other end of the scale if it is a low level threat could simply just be slowing your system down with bloatware you have accumulate over months of browsing the internet, i don't think there is a person out there that has not complained of a slow computer or slow internet connection.

The most scary thing about a seriously infected computer is you may not even know you have one... a serious virus, malware and the like are designed to run silently in the background and monitor and capture everything you do online ie steal your passwords, online banking details, credit/debit card details and so on.

To combat and solve any problems you may have i will run a thorough deep system scan that runs before your system actually boots up, this can detect harmful files that may not be detected even by your anti-virus software. If anything harmful is found i will permanently remove it, repair your systems corrupt files and finally make sure your security settings and software are up to date.

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