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USB/Duel Boot System

Run Microsoft & Linux side by side
on the same PC or USB Stick
Have multiple operating systems on one computer

Duel Boot

You may or may not be aware that your computer is capable of running more than one operating system. Providing you have space on your hard drive you can allocate some spare memory aside and install another operating system on there. This can be really useful if you want to keep your account away from other accounts that maybe your children have and so on and for the primary use for your computer.
A good example is let's say you only have one computer in your household and you use it for work purposes or online banking and you don't really want other peoples actions on that computer to affect your account with potentially unwanted spyware, malware and at worse a virus. If your account was on a separate part of the hard drive then regardless of what happens to the other account your account and operating system will not be damaged.

You could run two versions of Windows 10 or maybe you still like Windows 7 or 8 and want to run that alongside. Another and probably the most popular option is that people run a Linux  operating system such as Ubuntu alongside Windows for instance so you can experiment and have the best of both worlds. See my Linux page for more information on Linux OS and the wealth of free alternative software it has to offer.

Bootable USB Stick

If you want to take things a bit further than what we have mentioned above and apply the same principle but on a larger scale you could move into the world of USB Bootable memory sticks. With this depending on the size of your memory stick you could have anything from 2-10 different operating systems on one stick. Effectively on one little memory stick you now have multiple computers.

I personally have Windows on my base machine and 4 or 5 different Linux systems on the USB to play around with. Most of the major Linux systems you can put on a memory stick will give you the option of a persistent volume. A persistent volume is your own little hard drive but on the Memory stick. The persistent volume size will usually be around 4gb which isn't massive but enough as a backup system to use specifically or to play around with.

This option can be really useful if you don't want to carry your laptop around with you or more to the point leave it lying around you can quite easily pop your memory stick in your pocket and take it and all your sensitive or personal data with you.

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