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Online Security

A comprehensive overhaul of all your
security settings
Staying safe and secure online is more important than ever

Your safety online is more important than ever before. With more and more of us using the web to run our life and finances keeping your online presence safe & secure need not be as difficult as you may think.

Bullet pointed below are the key areas i provide with this service -

  • Installation of correct Anti Virus & Settings
  • Firewall configuration
  • Windows Defender settings
  • Secure Broadband Router & WiFi
  • Password Protection
  • Online browsing safety advice
  • Keeping your Online Banking & Transactions secure

The above points are the core areas that need to be addressed to keeping yourself safe and secure online. You may think you have most of the above but is everything configured correctly? I can tell you from experience that even big corporate companies have had shocking vulnerabilities in their security systems.

Did you know your WiFi Router is pretty easy to hack into? Maybe? well even if someone is trying to piggy back your WiFi i can set up your router to only allow specific devices in your household to connect, ie your smartphones,tablets and laptops. No one else could connect even if they had your wireless key/password....

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