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Online Anonymity

The days of privacy are long gone...

Think your activities online are private, think again...

Your actions online are no longer private. Every email you send can be read and analysed, your web browsing history is also being logged and stored potentially for review if need be. Google says this all comes under the banner of offering you a better service, yea right the fact is 'Better Service' translates into 'Mass Surveillance'.

The powers that be hoover up all this information every second of every day from ALL of us. Your computer has an ID called an IP Address, your Broadband Router also has an IP Address, IP Addresses are everywhere so don't think because you select private browsing on your smartphone or PC that your anonymous because your not!

Fortunately, there are still measures that can be taken to give you privacy and anonymity in this age of mass surveillance. I can provide you with the software and knowledge to ensure your browsing history, emails and the location you sent them from remain private and encrypted, not just on your computer but from the network/internet provider also. Plus if required i can also make your activities online appear that they are coming from a completely different part of the world and not connected to you, your location or computer in any way.

Everybody deserves the right to privacy and your actions online are no different.

Get in touch today to find out exactly what and how i can provide you with this service.

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