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Linux Operating Systems

Maintenance, servicing & upgrades for your
Linux Operating system
With dozens of free Linux distro's to try its a great alternative to Windows

You may or may not have heard of Linux. Believe it or not Linux code is responsible for more than you might realise. Linux is used in much of the software you see in supermarket terminals, petrol pumps, banking transaction systems and so on, the list is endless.

Linux Operating Systems are now a more popular alternative than ever and they are also free to download, installing them and getting them running is another thing but i guess that's where i come in :-)

Linux Distros (Distributions) come in multiple formats all with very different appearances but ultimately have the same engine underneath. They are a refreshing change from the Windows we have all been used to and come with a massive range of free software. I personally love Linux and wouldn't be without one as they are far less taxing on your system resources which means they use less memory and allow your computer to run faster and smoother which is great for older or less racey computers.

The Linux versions i specialise in are listed below with the link to view them directly, they are free in most cases so i only charge the standard home visit install and set up fee.

Ubuntu - Flagship of linux in many peoples opinion                         
Linux Mint - Similar look to Windows so is popular                            
Elementry - Visualy very good and very customisable                       
Zorin - Simple but good looking and functional                                   
Debian - Comes in a few different looks and light on resources         

Get in touch to find out more about the full benefits of running a Linux operating system.

Don't forget with my Duel Boot or USB Boot service you can have the best of both worlds and run a Linux distro either along side your Windows System on the same machine or alternatively seperate on a Bootable USB. {Read more here...}

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