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Guided Home Tuition

Do not fear the computer, it is your friend...

Learn computing from home at a pace and level thats suits you

Young or old, beginner or intermediate there is always something to learn about computing even the best programmer is always learning as the world of computer technology is moving so fast.

My home computer tuition is designed to take the stress out of learning for some what seems like an alien subject. With high street banks and post offices closing we are being forced to live our lives online which is a big worry for some.

I can deliver learning at a pace and level that is right for you. Maybe its the first time you have turned on a computer or maybe you just feel you need to progress and learn more about your computer and the software you have available to you. This service is ideal to give you the confidence to browse safely and securely online as well as have lots of fun on something you knew very little about before.

Below are some basic learning skills we will cover:

  • Turning on and setting up your computer for the first time
  • What does it actually do???
  • Learn basic keyboard skills to get you familiar with typing
  • Files & Folders
  • Creating email accounts / How to send emails
  • Social Media and how to Chat online
  • Stay safe and secure online

Thes are just some of the things we will cover on a basic/beginner session. For people looking for something a little more advanced there is no end to what we can do using more advanced software like Microsoft Office and a whole range of other Software to help develop your skills.

Get in touch today for a chat and to see how i can help you improve your computing skills.

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